Why Serums Are So Important

21st March, 2018


Before serums launched on the market, your skincare routine would have consisted of a cleanser, possibly a toner and finished with a moisturiser and eye cream. Simple times? When serums became popular and all of the skincare gurus began recommending them to everyone, we wondered why serums are so important to our skin.

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So why are serums so important to our skin?

– They penetrate deeper into your skin
Whilst moisturisers sit on top of your skin, serums are made of smaller molecules which can reach through the epidermis to deliver noticeable results.

– They have higher concentrations of active ingredients
Serums can be pricier than moisturisers, but you have to remember they are packed full of high concentrations of active ingredients. Many will show a % of active ingredients on the packaging, so check this before you buy!

– They deliver targeted action
Many serums will include active ingredients that are linked to improving conditions such as age-spots and fine lines and wrinkles. Because of their high potency, you can rest assure serums with specific active ingredients will improve your particular skin concern.

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